Jon Smithers Photography

My interest in nature and wildlife photography started a very long time ago when my wife showed me some caterpillar pictures she had taken. Later, we went up north to the Lake Superior trails in Minnesota and took a lot of photos. We had a 35mm Minolta XG9 and a 35mm lens. Newly married and not having enough money to throw at the equipment, we set aside our interest in photography until recently, with the advent of the DSLR. I had also been working with computers for many years and that helped in today’s digital age.
The last few years my wife and I have been able to pursue hiking and camping again and we have become passionate about photographing nature. It is an awesome feeling to come upon a local pair of eagles or a stunning autumn landscape and be able to capture that feeling and majesty to share with others. It takes patience and persistence and a good sense of the weather, but the rewards are incredible.

Some of the photos I have been taking are stunning and are available online, in art galleries and fine art fairs. Much of my work has been inspired by some of the great photographers like Craig Blacklock, Ansel Adams, Jim Brandenburg & others.
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The Gallery carries a broad selection of Jon’s matted prints as well as large-scale, ready-to-hang Giclee pieces.