Athele Knutson Bags of Distinction

Staring at the lovely colors and textures, I wondered what I would do with three large garbage bags of upholstery swatches given to me by me daughter-in-law. Since the fabric was too heavy for a quilt, I made a few purses and tote bags for myself, but how many purses does one person need?

Making each purse was a work of love, so I continued making them, giving some to charity pick-up and some to my church’s food pantry. Three tote bags traveled to Cambodia with a doctor using them for shopping in the open air markets. Some Minnesota teachers asked for 15 messenger-style bags they filled with school supplies as gifts for the teachers they would visit in Haiti during the earthquake clean-up. As the bags traveled around the world, helping those in need, I saw my vision for A*Lee. As the garbage bags of swatches emptied, another box of material appeared, and another. Today, my labor of love continues as I make purse and tote bags. A few go around the world serving those who need them. Most purses are sold in the US with the profits donated to support those individuals serving others.