John Traeger Woodworking

As a woodworker artist, the two most important things that fuel my love of woodworking, is the desire to create beautiful Jewelry Boxes that will last in your family for generations, and the ongoing search of unique exotic and domestic wood species that have beautiful and unusual grain and color patterns.

Developing and creating new ways to improve my woodworking skills have been the focus of my creative life for over 30 years.  As an active member of the American Association of Woodturners, Minnesota Woodworkers Guild, and the Minnesota Woodturners Association has enhanced my desire to design and create unique and functional wood art that is visually appealing.

The artistic process I use is to emphasize the visual aspects of color and contrast in my work, while maintaining the beauty of the wood as a material. Using various exotic and domestic hardwoods, I strive to blend then different woods that will form a visually attractive combination. The wood colors that you encounter in my online store are 100% natural, I do not use any stains or dyes to cover up what nature has given.  I use a wipe on polyurethane varnish clear coat to enhance the natural wood color, and create a generations lasting finish.  The final finish on my work is (Renaissance Wax) this is a light coat of micro-crystalline wax polish that resist liquid spillage and finger prints.

It is a profound joy for me to see people smile when they discover my work at an art fair or in a gallery. I hope that those who own my work smile often as they use, handle, or simply glimpse the piece in passing, and knowing that it will be in their family for generations.  I love conversations about wood, art, woodworking, and the role of craftsmanship in enriching the human spirit. Please feel free to communicate through email, or even better, stop by my booth at an art fair. Thank you for visiting my website and please like me on Facebook.